How To Install Norton Antivirus

January 4, 2021
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You might think you do not have to know methods to install Norton antivirus on your computer as the technology is included together with the operating system. If you are unsure, you should think of all of the problems that can occur if you do not properly set up the software. When you have just lately purchased your personal computer, it may come with the software currently preinstalled. In the event that you where qualified to install the program through the MOVIE or through the software COMPACT DISC, it should be positioned in the Program Data files folder on your computer system. In some cases, this could be located on the storage device.

If you were not able to locate the program in possibly of these spots, you will have to look at other ways to set up the software. In case you have Windows 2150, you should look for ways to see if ipod security software program came with your operating system. It should be labeled “Microsoft Windows XP House Edition”, it may also be in the default assembly directory to your computer. If it did not feature your home windows, you will have to locate ipod security software program through gadget security the control panel, or MSCONFIG. If you were unable to find it, you must determine if you will discover updates available for it.

In case you are still unsure how to install Norton Ant-virus, you should consider stepping up it to the newest version. When you upgrade the software, it is going to replace the setup program with the newest version. Once you have efficiently installed it and improved it, you will then be ready to install the anti virus through the control panel. If you were struggling to successfully install the antivirus through these methods, you should consider phoning a tech support team service to assist you in installing the software.